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Freelance Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners | Transcription Companies Canada

In this section, I hope to talk about

1) Finding online transcription jobs for beginners & college students
2) Freelance transcription companies that pay well.
3) How to start transcription jobs from home
4) Freelance transcription jobs in Canada, UK, US, India & Australia.

Online transcription jobs for beginners

My first job was as a computer operator in a local firm in my country. I worked hard. But, I received a low salary for a living. 

So, I hated my job and wanted to find an alternative way to make extra income. One of my friends told me about internet-based work-at-home jobs. Then, I surfed many internet websites and articles to find legit online jobs, which can do from home. 

After long research, I could find some legitimate opportunities for online transcription jobs for beginners without any experience.

I found them from Craigslist, where thousands of free online jobs are listed. I earned a considerable amount of money from these transcription jobs. 

My high school knowledge & diplomas that I had followed after school helped me to succeed in this field as a beginner. Later, I could join reputable freelance transcription services and companies to earn more legit money online. I have listed below some free transcription companies for your information.

I have written how to start transcription jobs and successfully carry them out from home step by step.

AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is one of the best and old transcription companies on the internet. They are always interested in working with new transcribers. Payments will receive the 15th of each month. They have tons of works at their peak times and little or no work at their off-peak period. 

You have to pass their test to start working with AccuTran Global. They need their completed works in time. They accept workers internationally. So, not only from the US, Canada, UK but also every region workers can work and make money from home as freelance transcription jobs holder. Visit site.


It offers transcription jobs all over the world. If you know several languages, you may have more opportunities to make money as a freelancer. 

To start work with them, you will have to,

1) register an account

2) face two simple tests. 

Pay rates are different, and they pay twice per month. It is another reputable company under freelance transcription sites (services). Visit Appenscribe.

They offer entertainment transcription services around the world. 

Those opportunities are for both Canada, UK, and the US as well as other countries too. 

They offer legal, finance, corporate, and general transcription work for their members. You have to pass their test to start work. They consider their workers as independent contractors. Visit Bam.
Except for those, there are many more online transcription companies. The CastingWords, Birch Creek Communications, and Crowdsurf are some of them. 

I hope to introduce some new companies very soon. To read more freelance transcription works, read our latest updates.

Other Canadian and the US (California) Companies:
1) Art One Translations
Tel: +1-800-841-5575
2) SpeakWrite
Tel: (800) 828-3889
Corporate Address:
6300 Bridgepoint Pkwy
Building 1, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78730
3) Highscribe
Highscribe/Vespi Inc.
5 Mariner Terrace, Suite 507
Toronto, ON   M5V 3V6
Phone: 416-960-0432
4) Neesons
Phone: 416.413.7755
Toll-free: 1.888.525.6666
Head Office (New Location!)
77 King Street West (TD North Tower)
Suite 2020
Toronto, Ontario
M5K 1A1
5) Executive Transcribing Services Inc
Location: Beverly Hills, CA.
Tel: (323) 525-0249
6) SpeakWrite
Customer Support: (800) 828-3889
in Austin, Texas.
7) 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP
576 Fifth Avenue  Suite 903  New York, NY  10036-4825
Local Phone: (212) 845-9906
Freephone: 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP (1-888-897-3488)
8) Take Note
Tel: +44 20 7928 1048
Headquarters: 109 Borough High St, London, Greater London, SE1 1NL, United Kingdom
9) CrowdSurf
10) 3Play Media
77 N. Washington Street
2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: (617) 764-5189
Fax: (617) 245-0510
11) Allegis Transcription
Customer Support (800) 566-6112
Sales (206) 658-2775
660 SW 39th Street, Suite 285
Renton, WA 98057
12) AlphaSights
AlphaSights - New York
351 California Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104, United States.
Tel: +1 628-203-5333
Email for General Enquiries:
13) Athreon
Phone: 800.935.0973
Customer Service Email:
14) Alice Darling
Address: One Mifflin Place Suite 400, Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel  - 617-876-8750 
Fax - 801-340-4046
Email -

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Two High Paying Job Opportunities

Article Writing occupations 

You can improve and assume you need to compose content quicker than there is a way you can go to Google Docs. Also, you can address just your words can write more articles, on the off chance that you have as a typist.

You realize you can do it exceptionally quick in the manner in which he would talk. I attempt to keep in touch with myself that way since I'm not a quick typer, but rather folks like I said to be an author and Make your client.

The more you write, and the better you write, the more your clients will develop, and rank will increment. 

When the position is expanded up to $ 500, for every 500 words you can procure to compose more you pick new points each day, which implies that you can catch the subjects you think.

You can pick the topics that best match your experience. Along these lines, individuals on this site will purchase your articles, and you will procure them. So phenomenal on this webpage online cash making can.

Sell online courses 

Regardless of your ability is, many individuals would pay to gain from you. 

Information is power. We need to find out increasingly more information, and the web has made a stage for this. 

Some individuals line the course sell the best month-to-month online cash making Have been. You need to ensure that your courses that helpful. Simple to imitate and produce gainful outcomes for your understudies, so it is workable for you to prevail in this field. 

Educating sites, for example, Skilseyr and Udemi remarkable assets for individuals who own online courses that need to sell. When you know what information you need to offer individuals, you can go to one of these sites and change and sell your insight in the Step by Step course. Which others can purchase and follow. Also, you can bring in online cash.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Learn To Pick Data Entry Work Online

The blast of information passage occupations has created plenty of extraordinary freedoms for those work searchers' locally established positions. Seeing the extent of this work, various organizations are on the ascent, and accordingly, it is serving individuals in the world to help them with their responsibility. All things consider that you should be to some degree watchful while choosing these positions. 

Before picking information section occupations, you should investigate both your shortcomings and qualities. Based on these things, you should look for appropriate information passage occupations. There are two sorts of occupations in the field of information passage that are notable: 

A - Traditional 

B - Non - Traditional 

A conventional work at home information section executes using entering information into the PC.  For a business, and paid a particular sum each hour. 

Under non-conventional information passage, you can turn into your boss and feed information into the PC. It is accessible according to click commercials. 

In any case, the inquiry emerges how it functions? How about we accept, you are selling on the web item from Clickbank; for example, a cell phone whatever point somebody buys that item through your promotion, you will get arranged commission. What's more, another inquiry is that unsettling advertisements, how might you get paid? Basic, ClickBank keeps an eye view to survey your details whenever (indeed, when you rest, on the off chance that somebody buys an item through your promotion, you will get commission). Clickbank will tell your acquiring as well. 

While taking up another endeavor, many inquiries are striking your psyche. These inquiries continue pushing you, in my view before requiring this endeavor genuinely, two or three hours to investigate these fundamental inquiries: 

Do I have a solid resolution to manage a job under my administration? 

Examination of shortcomings and qualities 

Do I partake in my plan for getting work done? 

Will my family support me in information section occupations at home? 

Do I have enthusiasm, assurance, zing, and persistence? 

Do I get paid by taking care of my job? 

Will my family support my new professional decision? 

Do I have self-restraint? 

What are my qualities and shortcomings? 

Do I appreciate adaptability? 

Concerning doing this work, several inquiries strike the psyche of the perusers. What sort of expertise does it require? To begin this work, not all that much, just work searchers should be familiar with the information on PC and acceptable composting speed. 

Remember, except if the best exertion, your point of bringing in cash won't work out. With the perspective on reality, you need to have consistency alongside determination. In this way, you can get a large portion of information passage occupations absent exertion.

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Affiliate Marketing Programs | Affiliate Marketing Companies (with Amazon) 2017 | List of Sites

Affiliate Marketing Programs | Affiliate Marketing Companies (with Amazon) 2017 | List of Sites

Today affiliate marketing programs (AMP) are a very common word on the internet. Actually, what is affiliate marketing? Selling other people's products or services and getting commission for the sold items is simply affiliate marketing. There are a lot of top-paying affiliate marketing programs or affiliate marketing companies around the world. With the internet, we have opportunities to join with affiliate marketing sites and make money from home legitimately. With this article, I would like to introduce some famous and legit AM programs (special dedication on UK, Canada, India, South Africa, Kenya, and Pakistan) which have a good reputation at affiliate marketing networks. All affiliate marketing sites I have mentioned here are proven well-established sites/companies. If you are a beginner to AM programs, you should read more to get depth knowledge in this field.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Companies 2017
Affiliate Marketing Programs on Amazon
Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs on the internet and was launched in 1996. This AM Program is called as Amazon Associates and have more than 12 years track records to help website owners Amazon seller and developers to earn money from advertising. You can place millions of new and used products of, and its subsidiaries in your blogs or websites and make legitimate money from these great affiliate marketing programs at Joining is totally free, and you can use it very easily. What you have to do here to make money online is driving visitors to through your referral link which you have got after sign-up with Amazon Associates Program. You can earn up to 15% of affiliate commission when they buy any product or service. Also, you can make real money from referring Amazon to other people who wish to sell those products or services. Referral commission can be change up to 10%. You can sign up for affiliate marketing with Amazon here.

Make Money with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Another great and huge affiliate network on the internet. Most online marketers know about the affiliate marketing of ClickBank programs, and they have already made millions of dollars through ClickBank.

Next Affiliate Marketing sites: Commission Junction

One of the best affiliate marketing sites which serve advertisers and publishers for several years on the internet. You can sign up with the best affiliate marketing companies with the link here.

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Note: With my article, I have discussed affiliate marketing programs (affiliate marketing with Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction) and their special features and a lot more. Except for those, there are many more affiliate marketing companies over the internet. You can choose one of them as your wish.